Convalot aims to be able to convert large numbers of files to different file types. The conversions available can be modified by plugins, which are designed to be easy to write. A plugin consists of an XML file and an application with a command line interface. The XML file describes how to call the application and what arguments it takes. Convalot's form will dynamically create the proper form elements specified by the XML file to allow a user to select the settings he or she desires. This is all meant to be done on a massive scale. For instance, a user can select many files of different types...Lets just say they select a few image files, videos, and songs all of varying formats (png, jpg, mpeg, .avi, .ogg, and .wav). They can then select a single desired output format for each type of file (For example: .wmv, .mp3, and .bmp). Each type of conversion will have a dynamic GUI to select conversion options that a user can configure all within the GUI, as mentioned before. After selecting desired settings, the conversion can be started and all of the originally selected files will be converted to the respective target output formats and placed in either the original directory or a target directory. In this case, the following conversions would occur: files of type png->bmp, jpg->bmp, mpeg->wmv, avi->wmv, ogg->mp3, wav->mp3. All plugins used to do conversions will also have to be open source. In this way, Convalot will unify all existing open source converters into a single powerful GUI application.

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