We are in the process of renaming from UBC to Convalot. Some links and information may not be accurate at this time.
What is Convalot?

Ever wish you could just convert anything to anything in just one program? Now you can! Universal Batch Converter is an open source project under the GNU public license that aims to create converting between file formats extremely easy. We aim to support conversions between sound formats (ogg, mp3, wav...), image formats(png, jpg, gif...), document formats (.doc, .docx, .odt...), and more. For more information, see the Project Info page!


10/26/2010 - 0.2 Alpha Released! We have a new stable release. This one is much more usable than the first release (which was more or less a proof of concept). Head over to the Download page to get it. Both Linux and Windows versions are available. Note: We don't have a release build system created yet so there may be random issues such as the rpm available on sourceforge is only 64 bit compatible. We'll be working on getting a standard release form in the future. For now, we don't even have a working Mac build.


10/26/2010 - Work Continues - Work continues. The Information page now exists and contains useful GIT information. A login system is in the making. It won't be done for a while, though.


10/2/2010 - Team - Meet the team! Head over to the Team page to check out who is working on what!


10/1/2010 - Plan - The website has launched and a basic plan has been established. Head over to the Goals pages to check out what we're planning to implement over the next few months.